Point of Care Ultrasound One-Day Training (POCUS)

POCUS training is a one-day ultrasound course aims to improve the bedside ultrasound skills of IM physicians and primary care providers through a modular, problem-based approach. The course covers a wide variety of clinical scenarios for which bedside ultrasound can assist in diagnoses, therapeutics, management, procedures, and ultimately, improved patient outcomes.

 The course will include a combination of short lectures and hands-on training using patient volunteers, task trainers and high-fidelity mannequins. The participants will have the opportunity to practice hands on ultrasound skills enabling them to build confidence and competence in basic ultrasound including ultrasound physics, knobology, probe manipulation and image optimization.

Our objective is to promote the safe use of POCUS as a routine bedside tool, to teach rigorous methodology, as well as scanning techniques to perfect image generation and image interpretation.


Course Objectives:

  • Identify and Treat the cause of urgent and emergent conditions that is commonly seen in acute care medicine.
  • Identifying Abnormalities including: abdominal aortic aneurysm, pleural effusion, pneumothorax, abdominal fluid detection, pericardial effusion and poor LV function.
  • Understand the basic principle of ultrasound applied to acute care medicine
  • To acquire high-quality images
  • Perform a basic transthoracic echo (TTE) examination, basic lung ultrasound, basic abdominal ultrasound, including FAST, IVC ultrasound for assessment of volume status and fluid responsiveness, abdominal aortic ultrasound

Course Outlines:

  • Introduction
  • Physics, Screen Orientation, Knobology & Image Optimization
  • E-FAST
  • Knobology and E-FAST Hands-on
  • IVC & Abdominal Aorta Hands on
  • Basic Echocardiography
  • Basic Echo Hands-on
  • Lung Ultrasound Hands-on
  • Recap/ Abnormality Identification


This course is accredited by the Canadian Point of Care Ultrasound Society, after completion the course requirements the participants shall submit the required onsite scanning documents through a log book in order to get his international certificate. 


An amount of USD 200 will be paid by participants as a fees for online course content and international certification.