Basic Life Support Course (BLS)

BLS Instructor Course Components

Instructor Essential Course:
The Essentials Instructor Course is a multi-media tool designed to provide a foundation for teaching and facilitating regardless of an instructor candidate's area of interest and specialization. This course provides consistent and uniform instructor training, eliminating material that is repetitive across the various disciplines, with the goal of creating more effective ECC instructors. This portion of the course MUST be completed by the instructor candidate PRIOR to attending the discipline specific module. This will be done online and log in will be provided by UMBC as part of the Instructor Course registration.

Class Room Instructor Course:
The Class Room Instructor Course will take place at our training facility and uses a combination of various instructor-led and video based lessons, in addition to the resuscitation team concept. This latter concept gives the instructor candidate the opportunity to practice teaching the dynamics of responding to resuscitation as part of a team in simulated cases with the emphasis on effective communication and teamwork.

Timing of program:

1 day (8:00 am to 2:00 pm)