Patient Counseling For Pharmacists

The pharmacist in any Pharmacy practice setting holds great responsibility for interviewing the patient and educating him about proper use of his medications and that is recognized as Patient Counseling; which reflects on patients and community with optimistic health outcomes to ensure medication’s safety and efficacy, improve the adherence, and prevent medication errors; eventually it reflects on patient’s quality of health and life.

LSA has developed the workshop “Patient Counseling for Pharmacists” in order to meet the pharmacist’s expectations and the recommendations of the international pharmaceutical associations (ASHP, FIP, AACP, and APhA) that recognize and require “good practice” in counseling patients.


At the end of the workshop, pharmacists will be able to:

  • Demonstrate cultural awareness and knowledge of pharmaceutical care services in regard to appropriate and effective counseling.
  • Design and deliver counseling in innovative performance methods, skills and techniques.
  • Gain confidence as they reflect on current barriers for effective counseling, and place strategies to handle challenges faced in their work place.
  • Learn pharmaceutical care information necessary in counseling for Insulins, anticoagulants, Inhalers, antimicrobials, analgesics, and supplements.



  • The different components of patient counseling, and the counseling formula.
  • The significant role of pharmacist: in pharmacy team-work, in the provision of pharmaceutical-care, and in the healthcare system.
  • The effective techniques and communication skills.
  • Counseling knowledge for some medications.
  • Address the problems and barriers in delivering effective counseling, and explore possible strategy’s approaches to overcome these barriers.
  • Engage participants in interactive discussions, exercises, practical case studies, and teamwork activities.


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