Neonatal Nursing Program

Every baby born is a blessing, and every baby deserves nurturing, protection, and the best of care. National studies have identified the principal causes of neonatal mortality and the avoidable factors that contribute to these deaths. One of the central recommendations for reducing neonatal mortality is the use of clinical guidelines for the management of common neonatal problems. This program Neonatal Care for Nurses was adopted to focus on nursing tasks, competencies, knowledge, and behavior requirements.


  • Describe the neonatal nurse’s role in the total health care of the neonate in order to provide optimal care to high-risk newborn.
  • Review the anatomy, physiology and the assessment techniques of the full term newborn and alteration of the high-risk newborn.
  • Review the pathophysiology of the conditions related to alteration in the functional health patterns in extrauterine life newborn.
  • Record the newborn’s progress and recovery and deal effectively with emergencies.
  • Describe different nursing approaches to the assessment and providing care for neonates and their families to promote health, and to prevent illness and to restore health, within the framework of caring approach and nursing process.
  • Utilize the nursing process in meeting the neonatal needs for life support.
  • Identify nursing diagnosis related to the conditions of difficult adjustment to extra uterine life of high-risk newborn.
  • Formulate goals and outcome criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of nursing intervention.


Jordanian nursing council