Advanced Trauma Life Support 10th Edition (ATLS)

The ACS (American College of Surgeons) and its Committee on Trauma (COT) have developed the ATLS program for doctors. This program provides systemic and concise training for the early care of trauma patients. The ATLS program provides participants with a safe, reliable method for immediate management of the injured patient and the basic knowledge necessary for doctors who infrequently treat trauma. The ATLS program provides an easy-to-remember method for evaluating and treating the victim of a traumatic event. It provides a scaffold for evaluation, treatment, education, and quality assurance. In short, ATLS is a measurable, reproducible, and comprehensive system of trauma care.


  • Demonstrate the concepts and principles of the primary and secondary patient assessments.
  • Establish management priorities in a trauma situation.
  • Initiate primary and secondary management necessary within the golden hour for the emergency management of acute life threatening conditions.
  • In a given simulated clinical and surgical skills practicum, demonstrate a range of skills, which are often required in the initial assessment and treatment of patients with multiple injuries.


  • Upon successful completion of the program, an ATLS Provider Card will be issued from the American College of Surgeons valid for four Years.
  • 12 CME/CEPD


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