Medication Reconciliation – BPMH Module

Medication errors and patient harm can result from incomplete or inaccurate medication histories when used to create patients’ medication orders at transition of care such as hospital admissions. The Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) is the foundation of Medication Reconciliation; it involves obtaining and communicating the most accurate and possible complete list of the patient’s current medications. The process relies on health care professionals’ interview and documentation skills, patients’ involvement, and availability of other resources of information.

This module will help healthcare professionals understand why BPMH is so important and how to use a systematic process to obtain and document the BPMH through interactive activities and solving patient scenarios.


Part A - BPMH Fundamentals: Active Learning Workshop

  • Understand the process and learn the basics and essentials to become a BPMH proficient healthcare professional.
  • Prioritize patients and develop the criteria based on your own practice need.
  • Identify barriers, challenges and enablers to obtain a BPMH.
  • Develop practical tips to involve the patients and help them to remember their medications in challenging situations.
  • Use available tools and customize your own tools to efficiently perform patient interviews and obtain complete and accurate medication histories including sample questions for medication history interviews.


Workshop Part B: - Solving Patient’s Scenarios

Practice effective techniques and interviewing skills using the customized tool developed in part A.

  • Utilize data documentation and communication skills with hands-on practice using your own practice site BMPH documentation form or the provided training form.
  • Identify different available documentation tools in different practice settings and gain knowledge and skills in appropriate documentation with challenging scenarios.
  • Reflect on your current practice, gain confidence, and identify strategies to overcome challenging situations.


Certificate of attendance