Infection Control Surveillance Workshop

The five days’ workshop will provide the health care practitioners, coordinators, nurses, Infectious disease physicians, epidemiologists and biostatisticians with a range of information related to surveillance, which is the spinal cord for infection control in any health care sector.
The aim of this workshop is to train the participant on how to utilize and implement the most updated information related to the infection control policies and procedures according to evidence based manner and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines, starting from standard surveillance methodology, to the benchmarking and ending with reading and critiquing infection control papers.


  • Discuss the appropriate methods of surveillance of Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI)
  • Review the standard HAI (Healthcare-associated infections) definitions
  • Review the new 2013-2014 NHSN (National Healthcare Safety Network) modification in both definitions and methodology
  • Discuss the standard ways for calculating rates and ratios, including SIR (Standardized Infection Ratio)
  • Discuss the appropriate methods of benchmarking rates and ratios
  • Discuss the appropriate types of research in infection control
  • Explain the appropriate statistical techniques used in surveillance
  • Raise the ability to understand published infection control papers


Dr. Aiman Saeed