Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing Program

This five days nursing program is designed to prepare the trainee in providing nursing care for adult patients with medical and surgical health conditions at the hospital settings. The aim of this course is to train the nurses to implement nursing interventions that focus on ensuring quality of nursing care. The nursing process will be utilized as a framework in implementing the plan of care. Additionally, this course is dedicated to promote health conditions and prevention of disease in adults.


  • Define the key terms related to the nursing care of adult patients.
  • Review the anatomy, physiology and the assessment techniques of the adult patients with alteration in the functional health patterns
  • Review the pathophysiology of the conditions related to alteration in the functional health patterns in adult patients and identifying their nursing diagnosis
  • Describe the nurse’s role in the total health care of adults in order to provide optimal care to patients with alterations in their health conditions
  • Describe the effect of the disease process on the patient and family in order to help them cope with stressors during illness
  • Utilize the nursing process in meeting the needs of adult patients
  • Formulate goals and outcome criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of nursing interventions
  • Develop a care plan for adults with alteration in functional health patterns
  • Integrate relevant research findings in the care of adult clients and their families


Jordanian nursing council