Advanced Critical Care Nursing Program

Registered nurses working in the intensive care environment are expected to provide sophisticated care and advice to critically ill patients and their families. This requires the application of advanced physiological knowledge during the assessment and management of patients who may be experiencing single or multiple organ dysfunctions. The course will refresh nurses’ knowledge, skills and attributes to provide care to this challenging group of patients. This course allows participants to explore “new” knowledge in practice, enabling them an opportunity to integrate theory and practice. Intensive care nurses will have the opportunity to develop and utilize evidence-based nursing research skills to plan, implement and evaluate care provision in critical care environments.


  • Evaluate assessment data and develop a plan of care for patients with critical illness.
  • Understand basic hemodynamic monitoring concepts
  • Demonstrate knowledge of common conditions experienced by acutely ill patients requiring critical care nursing
  • Develop a treatment plan for patients experiencing critical illness
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment plan for patients experiencing critical illness
  • Identify and implement evidence-based care strategies to prevent hospital-associated infections and complications


Jordanian nursing council