ABC Obstetrics & Gynecology Ultrasound

Ultrasound scan plays an important role in obstetrics and gynecology specialty. It is considered one of the standard test used to diagnose certain conditions. Therefore, a clear understanding of the principles of ultrasound when applied to 2D imaging or to Doppler examination is critical to the safe and effective use of ultrasound in clinical practice.


The course provides updated and practical introduction to obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound. It describes and explains background anatomy, physiology, and instrumentation in Obstetrics and gynecology imaging.


Three days program provide a more in depth coverage of obstetrics and Gynecology basic ultrasound.


In Obstetric Ultrasound: the participants will be aware of the clinical standards in fetal scanning including screening for fetal anomalies, growth scan and umbilical artery Doppler.


In Gynecology: the participants will understand the techniques used for gynecological scanning to identify any pathology in the uterus, ovaries and adnexa.


After attending this course, the participant will be able to:


• Understand the techniques and the principles of obstetric and gynecology ultrasound scan.
• Perform basic obstetric scan including anomaly and growth scan.
• Perform basic gynecology scan.
• Recognize major fetal anomalies.
• Recognize gynecological pathology.