Shaza Al-Araby

Shaza Y. El-Araby serves as a consultant, systems designer, and an Organizational Facilitator for several national and international organizations. She is an Associate of “Journey for Human Development” in Cairo and affiliated with Innovative Group-USA, Inc. in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA.


She completed her undergraduate studies in architectural engineering from the University of Cairo and completed some graduate studies in Human Resource Development.
She holds several certifications in Training & Instructional Delivery, Training & Instructional Design, and Human Resource Management from Florida International University. She has been awarded two “Designations” upon completing a rigorous leadership program as Certified Supervisory Manager and Certified Organizational Manager from The Florida State University, USA.
She has completed and has been certified in the entire Psychometric True Colors Intervention Suite. This included True Success, True Leadership, True Communication, True Teaching, True Team building, True Change Management, and True Parenting; from True Colors International, USA.


She is a member of the Florida Sterling Council Board of Examiners, the American Society of Training & Development, the American Academy of Certified Organizational Managers, and the Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM).


She facilitates several “Learning & Development” workshops in the areas of Personal Development, Organizational Culture, Management, Leadership, and Organizational Performance. In deploying HRD interventions, she uses a unique style of “Collaborative Approach” ensuring the commitment of the learners while satisfying clients’ requirements.