Accreditation Counseling for Pharmacy Education

Throughout the world, pharmacists’ roles are evolving to meet public health demands, especially with regard to safe and effective medication use. This trend is driving governments and academic institutions to re-evaluate pharmacy education and the methods for measuring, assuring and improving quality. In response to the steady and growing demand from global stakeholders including governments, professional organizations, quality assurance bodies, colleges and schools of pharmacy, providers of continuing education and continuing professional development, the ACPE Board of Directors approved the establishment of the International Services Program (ISP) in January 2011.

The ACPE ISP offers consultation, training, and professional degree program certification to international stakeholders who seek guidance related to quality assurance and advancement of pharmacy education. The expertise, global perspectives, staff resources, and formal processes within the ISP support international stakeholders to advance pharmacy education and quality in their respective countries.

ACPE is the US-based agency for the accreditation of professional degree programs in pharmacy and providers of continuing pharmacy education.